Dreaming of Tuscany

Where to Find the Best There Is
Perfect Hilltowns • Splendid Palazzos • Rustic Farmhouses Glorious Gardens • Authentic Cuisine • Great Wines Intriguing Shops • Astounding Art • Luxurious Hotels
Hidden Discoveries

No country inspires as much fascination as Italy, and no region as much as Tuscany. Barbara invites you to visit a place you have always dreamed of—private gardens and villas, cooking schools, artisanal workshops, local food markets, museums, and outstanding hotels and restaurants. Wander off the beaten path to discover charming ancient villages, family trattorias and unique handcrafts. Learn from experts how to rent a villa, stay in an agriturismo, and cook, eat and drink like a Tuscan. This is a treasured guide for first time visitors and seasoned travelers as well.

9 X 11, 215 Photographs
$45, Autographed Copy
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