Dreaming of Florence

Where to Find the Best There Is
Renaissance Treasures • Rooms With A View
Exquisite Shops • Secret Gardens • Stylish Restaurants Artisanal Crafts • Delightful Day Trips

Open these pages and fall in love with fascinating Florence--medieval alleyways, noble palaces, and museums filled with the greatest works of art ever made. Within is an exquisite collection of recommendations from two experienced travelers who have been visiting Italy for decades - their little black book of secret discoveries and word-of-mouth gems like luxurious hotels, unique stores, generational artisans and places to go with children. Learn to dine like a Florentine, sample fine wines and share delicious Tuscan recipes from famous Florentine chefs with the Ohrbachs as your guide.

9 X 11, 222 Photographs
$45, Autographed Copy
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